Storytelling using PowerPoint Presentation by Slides Wizard

Storytelling using PowerPoint Presentation by Slides Wizard

There is a lot of confusion about business storytelling in PowerPoint presentation, Slides Wizard wanted to dissect and simplify this as much as we could. There is a sense that PowerPoint presentation must start with ‘Once upon a time…’ and it must fit into that traditional sense of storytelling. But the fact is that it can be anecdotes, it can be references to previous projects. They just bring content alive, they make it resonate as you say and stick with your audience. A couple of structures that you can follow, they are simple to apply to a presentation. This is how we used to build the storyboard in McKinsey, it can be simple as ‘This is the problem they got and this is the recommended solution, by doing that these are the benefits’ -that’s a story, that’s a structure. That’s the structure that is used in TV ads and it has been for the last X number of years – it’s a structure that people can follow.

The key to storytelling is that you develop a story and deliver a story in a way that sticks with your audience. So, don’t get too clever, give them something that they can remember, they can share with their colleague post meeting or post presentation. That is a measure of exceptional story.

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