Key Visuals For Business Presentations Every Presentation Designer Uses

Key Visuals For Business Presentations Every Presentation Designer Uses

Your words are important, but business presentations are visual communication tools that rely as much on images and graphics as they do text to deliver your message.

In fact, studies have proved that a well-chosen image or chart on a slide can mean the difference between audiences retaining the information on that slide and not.

Visual aids, when done right, are memory boosters, which is why you rarely see an ad in a magazine or billboard without imagery. Ad designers know that placing images in their ads makes them more memorable.

And so do professional presentation designers.

A good presentation designer always keeps this in mind and uses visual aids strategically for maximum impact in their decks.

Here are the four main visual concepts to keep in mind when creating your presentations.

Slide Design
Your slides should reflect your brand’s personality. Using a design background that reflects your brand identity is helpful in communicating your message. If your brand is a person, the slide design should feel like it. If you are a corporate employee, your company branding should be used.

Font Style and Color
If you want to start a spirited debate among designers at a party, bring up the topic of fonts. Every designer has their strongly-held preferences, but there are a few rules that everyone agrees on, particularly when it comes to presentations. Don’t use fancy fonts in a business setting. Don’t mix multiple fonts or too many font colors in the same presentation. And whatever you do, don’t use Comic Sans. Ever.

As we mentioned, imagery can mean the difference between a memorable presentation and one to forget. Be smart, choose pictures that tie in to the slide topic well, and don’t be afraid to use humor here and there. Audiences love to laugh.

Charts and Graphs
Anytime you are presenting data, charts, graphs, and tables are a must. Just be sure not overload them with data, use matching colors, and try not to put one on every slide if you can avoid it.  

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