Inserting shapes in PowerPoint slides - Slides Wizard (Ex-McKinsey & Company)

Inserting shapes in PowerPoint slides – Slides Wizard (Ex-McKinsey & Company)

Slides Wizard would like to do knowledge sharing on PowerPoint techniques from the experience gained in McKinsey & Company. PowerPoint is not only used by business consulting firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group or Bain for presentations – it is widely used by others as well. Inserting shapes in your slides is a very easy task. Just click the ‘Insert’ tab in the ribbon and then click the shapes button that appears in the illustrations groups. You can then view a drop-down menu of all of the various shapes that you can insert. Roll your mouse over the shapes that you like to insert and then click it to select it. Your mouse planner will then appear as a black cross when you place back on the slide. Decide where you want the graphic to appear on the slide and then click and drag across the area in the slide where you wanted the selected shape to appear. It will then be inserted into your slide when you release the mouse button. You have a few techniques to use that can assist you to create a shape. For example, you can hold down the shift key as you click and drag while drawing in order to create a perfect version of the selected shape. For example, holding the shift key while drawing the lines will make the line you draw perfectly straight. You can also create perfect circles and squares by simply using this method. Using this method you still start by selecting the shape from the ribbon using the shapes button as you normally would. Then you hold down the shift key on your keyboard, then you simply click once at the place in the slide where you want to position the upper left corner of the selected shape. PowerPoint will insert a shape with default size into the position which you clicked. Once you have inserted a selected shape into your slide, your mouse pointer returns to its default behavior and you exit PowerPoint drawing mode. However, sometimes you may want to draw a several of the same shapes without having to go back and reselect the same shape from the shapes button over and over again. In this case, you may want to lock PowerPoint into its drawing mode as you select desired shape from the shapes button drop-down menu. To do this, simply right-click the shape that you want to draw within the drop-down menu instead of just clicking it.

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