3 Secrets You Didn't Know About PowerPoint Designers

3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About PowerPoint Designers

All great artists have the secrets that make them world-class. Be it the great Harry Houdini performing the most incredible escape, or the legendary Michael Jackson leaving millions in awe every time he took the stage.  The big names have that special something that sets them apart. When pressed, most people can’t say exactly what it is that makes them great, though. 

The advent of PowerPoint has given birth to a new kind of art and its masters. These are known as PowerPoint Designers. Their art is creating presentations that always capture audiences, dazzling them with their craft and skill. 

But like all other artists, some PowerPoint designers are better than others. Some just seem to have more talent, knowledge, and that little bit of wizardry. 

When you look deeply into the presentations created by the best PowerPoint designers, you’ll notice three things common to all of them. And these three are the secret recipes that set them apart. You can try these strategies then next time you want to impress your boss, client, investor or any kind of audience with a stellar slide deck.

Apply the Pyramid Principle

Before starting to design your presentation, plan its structure. Since your audiences are mostly people who have a busy schedule, you need to make sure that the information is fully delivered without wasting their precious time.
To ensure that you keep it lean, structure it like a pyramid. Start with a very brief summary, and then progress down to the detailed information. It is like starting with a recommendation and then supporting it with a series of important facts.
This organizes your presentation and frees you from worrying about how you will communicate everything.

Use Taglines

Taglines are small sentences that cover your whole topic. They are normally added right below the title to give the audience a meta-description of your whole presentation. They make digesting the content easier. A good PowerPoint designer knows how to keep the taglines concise and catchy at the same time.
People normally get confused between titles and taglines. Let us make it simple for you.
A title informs you about what would be on the slide, and a tagline tells what to learn from it. Take this for example:

  • Title:Financial Implications
  • Tagline:  The project will save $50 million per annum in the long run

Once you have added taglines, scan through your slides and just focus on the taglines. If they all combine to tell the story of your presentation in a few sentences, you’ve definitely got them right.

Use Appendix Slides

Remember how we told you that most of the people that you are presenting to have a tight schedule and would only need you to tell them the most important parts?
Well, what if the data you are presenting needs a lot of backing with figures and numbers, and you know your audience will want to know those details? 
The best and only way to do that properly is to add appendix slides where you can add charts, numbers, process maps, etc. This way, you keep your deck uncluttered and easy to digest without depriving the audience of those critical data points.

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